Important: US Ski & Snowboard Membership Required for all Besh Cup racers

Entries for the originally scheduled December Besh Cup races will be transferred to the NSAA Solstice Races. For simplicity reasons, registration for the December races will continue on this platform. If you are registering for only the December races, please disregard the references to Besh Cup races. We are making the necessary administrative changes while the registration is in progress.

USSA requires that all participants of Besh Cup races have one of the following prior to signing up for a race:

  • USSS General Membership license
  • USSS Competitor license (for skiers who wish to be scored and be considered for Team Alaska)

This license needs to be purchased from USSS prior to registering for Besh Cup races. To continue with online Besh Cup registration, you are required to enter a valid USSS license number. You can purchase your USSS license at this link.

Upon completion of your purchase, a screen will appear indicating your USSS ID number. Make note of this and enter it when you register for the Besh Cup.

Refunds are not given for Besh Cup races. Thank you for understanding.

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