USSA Elite Performance Model

Luke Bodensteiner
Jun 15, 2024

Attached you will find the EPM (updated-version) based on our workshop during the USSA Congress. I've also attached a summary document, which should give you a quicker (albeit cursory) interpretation of the plan.

The next step we will take are the next round of staff planning sessions in July where we will update our internal plan, the results of which will be added to the EPM.

Thanks to those of you who are already taking this EPM into your communities to find feedback from your constituencies. I look forward to hearing the feedback that comes back from you to us.


Elite Performance Model (EPM):

PowerPoint: Elite Performance Model.ppt (5.4 Mb)

Elite Performance Model.pdf(8 Mb)

EPM Executive Summary:

Word: EPM Exec Summary.doc(40 Kb)

EPM Exec Summary.pdf(120 Kb)