Info For Junior Nationals and Arctic Winter Games Hopefuls

Joey Caterinichio
Apr 22, 2024

Updated information for JN's and AWG's including prices, travel and the naming of the team.

Those athletes preparing to make the JN or AWG team must be present in Fairbanks for the naming of the team. If for any reason you will not be in Fairbanks than you must contact Ja Dorris, head coach: by February 1st and turn in some information.

Place: Houghton, MI
Date: March 2-12

JN Coaches
Ja Dorris Head Coach
Jan Buron
Sara Miller
Ben Arians
Tom Grenier
Holly Brooks
John Kehler
John Angst
Jim Lokken
Jim Ostlind
Dave Feeken

JN Deposit: JN athletes will need to fill out important paperwork along with payming minimum $500.00 towards the trip in Fairbanks. The total cost of the trip will be due 2 weeks post Fairbanks Besh Cup and is posted on the web.

JN Travel: No deviation from the flight plan. You must purchase the team ticket.

The following is a draft price of the 2006 Junior National Trip. Prices are being formalized currently and this is to give you an idea of the cost.

DRAFT 2006 JN prices

	Suit (Swix)					$90.00  
	Coat (Swix)					$90.00
	Shipping & Handling			$10.00
	JO Entry Fee				$125.00
	Air Fare					$660.00  ??*
	Lodging 					$450.00
	Meals						$250.00 ??**
	Van & Gas & U-Haul			$135.00
	Hat							$20.00
	Waxing & wax room			$100.00
	Coaches fee					$150.00
	Coaches credentials			$10.00
	Contingency Fund			$100.00
	Team Picture				$20.00

	Total Cost:					$2215.00

*Airfar Base price is set, taxes subject to change and ticket price may increase slightly. 
**Meal quote still being finalized

Athletes who live outside of Anchorage will need to add additional cost for their travel to Anchorage. There will be no deviation from the travel Schedule. All athletes will travel together and purchase the airline ticket provided by Team Alaska.

Scholarships Available: See AMH (Pia Denkewalther Memorial Scholarship)
Other Various Club Scholarship: See your local clubs

2006 Junior Nationals Website:



AWG Coaches
Scott Thomas - Head Coach
Audrey Smith
Andy Liebner

AWG's Payment: AWG's athletes will bring two checks. One for $200.00 to the parent body of AWG's, and another for $260 to CCAK for ther rest of the trip. Plan on filling out paperwork as well.

AWG's travel: You will be requried to travel on the transportation provided for AWG's.


Arctic Winter Games fee   				$200.00  
Check made payable to Team Alaska  
Parka and Team Alaska included

Arctic Winter Games racing suit   			$125.00  (optional)
Warm-up jacket/different than Team Alaska parka 	$110.00  (optional) 
Shipping:			 			$10.00    (if order suit or jacket)
Picture cd:			 			$ 5.00
Coaches fee                      			$30.00
wax fee                              			$30.00
Contingency                        			$10.00
(check made out to CCAK)

Team Alaska for Arctic Winter Games:

2006 Arctic Winter Games:

*** If you have any questions regarding, logistics, accommodations and travel please contact:
Joey Caterinichio: or 229-6427