Volunteers Needed To Recruit Corporate Sponsors For CCAK

Jun 15, 2024

Cross Country Alaska is searching for volunteers who have the interest and/or expertise in fundraising to attract sponsorship for our skiers and programs.

As all skiers, families of skiers, and coaches know, cross-country ski racing can be an
expensive pursuit. Race entry fees, ski equipment, coaching and travel expenses are significant expenses for every skiing family. These costs increase as a skier improves. The price of travel to the Junior Olympics and other national and international races have increased in recent years, making it more and more difficult for many of our high achieving skiers to afford the cost of participating in these events. Last year, Alaska's top J-1 boy traveled to the US Nationals in Utah where he qualified for the World Juniors. He then represented Alaska at the Junior Olympics in Truckee California and represented the USA at the World Juniors in Finland. Most of his travel, race fees, coaching and living expenses were paid for by himself and his family.

The Cross Country Alaska Board of Directors is looking for alternate ways to help reduce the costs of being a cross-country skier. Currently we are in need of people with fundraising skills to recruit sponsorships for CCAK. Funds that are raised will be placed directly into programs that benefit Alaskan skiers. Individuals have in the past been successful in attracting sponsors, but an organized effort is needed to help bring CCAK's vision of "Alaskan cross country skiers succeeding at the highest levels of competition" to fruition.

If you have an interest or experience in fundraising and attracting sponsors or know someone who does, please respond to the CCAK website.

Thank you,

The CCAK board of directors