Besh Cup Race Series General Information

Jun 1, 2023

Entry Forms can be found on this web site or it can be mailed to you.
Entries for all races should be sent to:

Cross Country Alaska
PO Box 242751
Anchorage, AK 99524.

For more information e-mail or call (907) 317-3962.


The race entry fee is $27.00 per Besh Cup race for all skiers J3 and Older and $7.00 for J4-J5-J6 skiers. Late race entry fees are $32.00 per event for J3 and older and $9.00 for J4 and younger skiers. We encourage everyone to sign up online.


The deadline for race entry is the Wednesday prior to the race. This allows preparation of START lists with start order based on the CCAK seeding rank order list based on previous race finishes in the last 12 months. At some races, to an extent possible determined by time, people, and electronic timing file preparation, LATE ENTRY may be possible after the Wednesday night deadline. Late entries will not be correctly seeded in the start order, but instead they will start in “ghost” positions at the beginning of each age class.


All competitors are eligible to score Besh Cup points in each Besh Cup race. The Besh Cup Series awards will be presented upon conclusion of Besh Cup #6. Click here for Junior Olympic and Arctic Winter Games Qualifying points, which are separate from Besh Cup points.