Frequently Asked Questions About USSA Licenses

Cory Smith
Jun 15, 2024

USSA License FAQ

How is this new USSA license rule different from past years?

Prior to last year, ALL J3, J2, J1 and OJ skiers who competed in Besh Cup races earned qualifying points. Now only skiers who have their USSA license numbers on file with Cross Country Alaska PRIOR to the race will earn points. It is possible that a skier will ski fast enough to make the team, but will not score points because he/she didn't have a license. That is why we are mounting a huge educational effort to make sure everyone knows the rule beforehand. We want all of our fastest skiers on Team Alaska.

I am only trying to qualify for Arctic Winter Games, not Junior Olympics. Why do I need a USSA license?

For two reasons. First, the same Arctic Winter Games and Junior Olympics use the same qualifying procedure and the same points list. In order to be on that list, you need a USSA license. Second, skiers who do eventually qualify for Arctic Winter Games will need a USSA license anyway, and it will greatly reduce last-minute headaches if all team members have thier licenses already.

I am a J3 skier. Do I need the $30 Nordic Kids license or the $110 Competitor license?

A $30 Nordic Kids license is fine for J3 skiers. J2 and older must have a $110 Competitor license.

I want to ski Besh Cup races, but I am not trying out for Arctic Winter Games or Junior Olympics. Do I need a USSA license?

No. A USSA license is not required to participate in Besh Cup races or to win Besh Cup age group medals. It is only required to be ranked on the Junior Olympics qualifying list. However, we strongly suggest that top Senior and Master skiers who race Besh Cups get a USSA license. It would be a shame for a senior without a license to finish in the top 5 and thereby 'ruin the points' for our junior skiers.

I signed up for my USSA license, what else do I have to do?

You also need to make sure that we have your USSA number on file. When you receive your USSA number, please enter it on your race registration and/or email it to us.

I have a USSA number from last year, does that mean I have a USSA license?

Only if you have renewed your license for this season. All USSA licenses expire on June 30 every year, so you must renew to keep your USSA number valid.

I purchased a USSA license just prior to Junior Nationals last year. Is it still good?

No. All USSA licenses expire on June 30 every year, so you must renew to keep your license valid.

Help! I just found out about this rule and I need my USSA license right away! What can I do?

USSA offers "Express" processing for an extra $25 (see application form). Your application will be processed within 1-2 days of arriving at USSA. If it is less than a month before the first race, we recommend you pay for "Express" processing. If your USSA license still doesn't arrive in time, see the next question.

I sent in my USSA application already, but I haven't received my number yet and there are races coming up. What should I do?

We understand that USSA can sometime take a long time to process your application. If you have not received your license by the the first Besh Cup weekend,you must provide some proof of your application (photocopy of the application and/or payment). We will mark your USSA license status as "Pending" and you will score points. After the first weekend, we must have your USSA number on file.