Stay Up-To-Date - Join The CCAK Email List

Jun 15, 2024

All parents, coaches and athletes interested in staying up-to-date on CCAK events, meetings, and important announcements should subscribe to our email list.

This list is primarily for parents and coaches who are not on the Besh Cup entries list. Crucial updates about Besh Cup races (such as venue changes, cancellations,etc.) will be emailed to ALL Besh Cup entrants, as well as to everyone on this list. So if you are only interested in important Besh Cup updates, you do not need to sign up for this list.

Here is how to subscribe and unsubscribe from the list:

To subscribe to the list, send a blank message to:

To remove your address from the list, just send a message to:

To unsubscribe a different address than the one you are mailing from:

Send mail to the following for info, FAQ, and help for this list:

The messages do not really need to be empty, but the mailing list will ignore their content. Only the ADDRESS you send to is important.