Clarification on the 2007 Junior Olympic Team Travel

Joey Caterinichio
Jun 15, 2024

Here is some clarification on the 2007 Junior Olympic Team Travel

All members of the JO team will be traveling together at 1:00am. (All Team tickets have already been reserved/purchased)

Departure: Thursday, March 1, 2007 Flight: 792 Depart at 1:00am arrive Salt Lake at 7:31am
Return: Sunday, March 11, 2007 Flight 1035 Depart at 9:00pm arrive Anchorage 12:04 am.
Base fare: $410.00 (not including taxes; taxes TBA)

The only reason you would not travel with the team is if you are going "on your own" even earlier than the team If you go to Salt Lake earlier than the team you will be responsible for your own travel and accommodations until you meet up with the team. You will be required to meet at the hotel in Heber Thursday, March 1 by 3:00 pm and will become part of Team Alaska for the rest of the week.

Airline Miles: If you are able to use miles for the same flights or a flight that lands within in 30 minutes of the team flight (in order to catch the vans) then you may use miles to save in the cost of the plane ticket.

You must tell me if you are traveling down earlier or using miles by December 10, 2006. Or you will be responsible for the Team Ticket.

Skiers from outside the Anchorage area are responsible for arranging their travel to Anchorage for the departing team flight and from Anchorage after the return flight.

Please get back to me with all questions regarding JO's.

All accommodations, trip info and final logistics will be posted to the web the first Besh Cup Weekend.

Parents report: The same Delta Tickets base fare is up to $520.00 as of 11/20/06. Mileage tickets are scarce on Delta.

Thank you.

Joey Caterinichio
(907) 229-6427